When Level II, Action Needed Now, options don’t result in full payment, you may need an even more assertive approach. These situations often require turning over the accounts to our collection agency.  FinalCollect or contingency fee telephone collection, Level III, is the more traditional approach that employs professional collectors making telephone contact to secure payment.

Our FinalCollect approach makes recovery of your outstanding accounts cost-effective because we’re only paid if funds are recovered. When you place an account for collections, we take on the responsibility of locating, contacting, and securing your payments. Unpaid accounts are reported to credit bureaus.

All available resources are used to collect your accounts quickly, ensuring you receive the highest recovery rate possible.

At this level, services include:

  • Understand WHY the issue of non-payment
  • Act as a liaison with your office to research issue
  • Work with patient to resolve issue to secure payment
  • Outline payment options
  • Negotiate with patient to secure payment
  • Outline consequences of non-payment
  • Employ methods to contact patient
  • Skip tracing if necessary
  • Research telephone contact numbers
  • Report to Credit Bureau

All FinalCollect fees are discounted when used in conjunction with Level I or Level II.  Contingency fee as low as 20%.

Example Example of a Final Collect Letter

Final Collect Sample Letter

Final Collect Sample Letter