FastCollect System

Your collection results are guaranteed with FASTCOLLECT™

It begins with a series of proven-effective reminder letters and statements to motivate your patients for payment while preserving the patient’s relationship with the your office.

These first party letters and statements (on your letterhead) detail the account balance owed by your patient.  They outline payment options to resolve the account and  invites the patient to contact your office with any other billing issues.

FastCollect Has Three Levels of Service:

Level I – Early and Often: is designed to get in front of the revenue cycle and collect before the account deteriorates through aging. This fully automated service is proven effective for avoiding continuing collection issues with most patients.  See sample letters here.

Level II – Action Needed Now: letters for the slow and stubborn patient who has not paid nor contacted your office to set-up a payment plan. Action Needed Now Letters begin with an ultimatum on your letterhead and end with demand for payment on our collection agency letterhead.  See sample letters here.

Level III – FinalCollect™: If further collection is required (90-120 days delinquent), is a contingency fee collection personal contact program. This traditional approach involves professional collectors making contact to secure payment. We don’t get paid until you do.