Early and Often

Early and Often is a service of FastCollect for active accounts receivable management specializing in collecting self-pay and after insurance balances through automated integrated technology. It takes a proactive approach to accounts receivable management which consists of personalized patient statements and notices, reinforced audio statements and messages (optional) and a personalized branded online website for patient payments. This fully automated system is designed to get in front of the collection process before “slow pays become no pays”… It works like this:

  • Establish patient responsibility
  • Send 1st Statement
  • Send the 14-day letter after 1st Statement with message
  • Offer Online payment option
  • Call office with any issue
  • Send 2nd Statement
  • Send 2nd 14- days letter after the 2nd Statement with message
  • Message that their account may be sent to collections
  • Offer payment plan option

You have now reached out to your patient four times in 75 days impressing upon them that you are serious about collecting the outstanding balance. The message is clear to your patient that they need to establish communications to have their outstanding balance resolved and avoid the consequences for further collection activity if ignored.

All payments go directly to you; you keep 100% of all payments and are charged a flat fee as low as $1.95 or less per notice or statement based on volume. 

Examples of Personalized Patient Letters and Statements