Collection Policy

We adhere strictly to Collection Protocol and Guideline:

  1. Collectors can only call you from 8:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. local time. AG International will stop immediately if the debtor writes or says “Stop Calling me.” *AG International does not call after 8pm as a courtesy.
  2. Collectors cannot call repeatedly in one day with the intent to annoy.
  3. If debtor is represented by an attorney, we suspend all calls to debtor and only communicate with the attorney, period.
  4. Once debtor asks (in writing) for validation of a debt, we suspend all communications until said validation is received by the debtor. *AG International will send validation by verbal request from debtor.
  5. Collectors cannot use misrepresentation or deceit — they cannot say they are an attorney or a law enforcement officer. *AG International has NEVER had a complaint filed against them from any regulatory agency.
  6. Collectors cannot publish the debtor’s name on a bad debt list.
  7. The amount owed has to be accurate. *AG International does not add any fees that are not stipulated in the signed consent form from the debtor.
  8. Collectors cannot threaten to have you arrested if they are not going to AND they cannot cuss at you. *AG International policy is to calmly discuss options with debtors.
  9. Collectors cannot generally discuss your debt with anyone except spouse or lawyer and cannot send post card or embarrassing media. *All communications between debtor and AG International is strictly confidential and professional.
  10. Collectors cannot put false information on your credit report. * In specific case by case review, (generally disputes) with your consent and as a courtesy to your patient, AG International will delete all record from the credit bureau after patient satisfies the account.