Action Needed Now

When patients don’t respond to your letters and statements, they are sending you a clear message this isn’t important and they aren’t paying because no one really expects them to, the insurance company should pay.

Action Needed Now is designed for those stubborn patients who feel entitled that they don’t have to pay.  It is a series of pre-collection letters beginning with an ultimatum on your letterhead and ending with demand for payment on our collection agency letterhead.  The added impact of third party intervention is a call to action to your delinquent patients.  Each letter is progressively more assertive and asks for the unpaid balance to be sent directly to you.  You pay just a small flat fee.

Three (3) strategically crafted collection notices designed for quick results

  • 1st letter on your practice letterhead
  • The letter directs the patient to contact your office
  • Letter sent within 24 hours
  • All payment direct to you
  • 2nd letter is from the collection agency on our letterhead
  • Letter states we were asked to intervene to facilitate collection
  • Patient direct to contact you
  • Collection agency letterhead motivates patient to call and/or pay
  • Restates seriousness of delinquency
  • Implies credit bureau report consequences
  • Final call to action

Examples of Personalized Patient Letters and Statements