With either Early and Often or Action Needed Now, you pay one low fee, regardless of balance, and no contingency fee – you receive 100% of your money.  Plus, our web-based interface allows your practice to manage your accounts online.  FastCollect’s Early and Often, Level I and Action Needed Now, Level II, collection services can provide added-value that is unmatched in Accounts Receivable Management.

By taking a proactive approach to accounts receivable management early in the revenue cycle, you are guaranteed increased cash flow and are sending a message to your patients that you are a professionally run practice.  Let us show you how many of our clients pay little or nothing for these services.

Your practice receives the benefits of outsourcing and third-party intervention for a flat fee that is more cost effective than doing it yourself. It allows your staff to spend more time on the important task of patient care. By starting early in the revenue cycle you stop slow pays from becoming no pays.

FinalCollect, Level III, is our contingency fee telephone collections. This more traditional approach involves professional collectors making telephone contact to secure payment.

All this and you get 24/7 access and reporting for your accounts because with our web-based interface maintaining accounts receivable control is as easy as 1-2-3.

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